If you adore works by Dali, Homer, Wyeth, or Magritte, then chances are you'll revel in the works of Matthew Marquis.  Matthew started his career with a deep love for surrealism, but throughout the years, a true, visual diary of diversity came to life.  Matthew has redefined the term "experimental artist" with his ever-changing ideas, styles, and techniques. His vast variety of styles is what sets him apart from other artists.


       "Most artists stick with one style, but with Marquis, you get all of them in one."


Although the idea of diversion is sometimes frowned upon, Matthew seems to progress with every door he opens.  Whether it be a desolate, surreal landscape, a raucous crash of waves

involving a serene fisherman, or a heartening watercolor of barns and wagons, Marquis' work

is sure to ignite your senses.